Your insider’s guide to Hong Kong

Eco-conscious Hong Kong souvenirs

Pick up tasteful and socially- or eco-conscious gifts with a unique local flavour

Souvenir shopping? On your next visit to Hong Kong, look past the disposable trinkets and fast fashion, and instead check out these local businesses that sell thoughtful, eco-conscious souvenirs with a local twist.

Upcycled truck tyre bags by SEAL
Handmade in Japan and designed in Hong Kong, these stylish bags and accessories are made from upcycled truck tyres. The material is hard-wearing, shock-absorbent, waterproof and can withstand high temperatures, making it perfect for backpacks, laptop cases and wallets. Each one is slightly different too, making it a unique memento of your visit. The showroom is in Kwun Tong, or else shop online.

Pineapple shortcakes from Moreish
Originally from Taiwan, pineapple shortcakes – bite-sized morsels of buttery pastry encasing a tangy pineapple jam – have been enthusiastically adopted in Hong Kong and are now commonly found in the city’s best bakeries. Local brand Moreish creates a designer version of the shortcake with stylish packaging, unique flavours (think pina colada) and a dash of pink Himalayan salt. But not only are the cakes delicious, the brand hires chefs from Gingko House, a social enterprise that provides meaningful employment to the city’s elderly population.

“No Plastic Mm Goi” gifts from The Lion Rock Press
Ditch single use bottles and shopping bags with these “no plastic mm goi” (Cantonese for “no plastic please”) stainless steel bottles, tumblers, coffee cups and totes from local stationer The Lion Rock Press. Insider tip: many local coffee shops in Hong Kong will give you a few dollars off your order if you bring your own cup.

Toiletries from So… Soap!
Another social enterprise,  So… Soap!’s all-natural vegetable-based soaps, hand washes and shampoos are proudly made in Hong Kong, and are free from artificial foaming agents, SLS and other chemicals. The organisation engages team members a cross-section of the city – including young mothers and the middle-aged unemployed – to make the soaps, while also training them in complementary skills to make them more competitive in the workplace. Available at Kubrick Bookstore in Yau Ma Tei and online.

Ethical baby clothes from Baby Hero
It’s hard to resist picking up sweet little children’s outfits when souvenir shopping, but your dollars are well spent with Baby Hero, a local social enterprise that operates on a giving model. For every item purchased, Baby Hero will donate a Neonatal Survival Kit – consisting of hygiene items, sterilised equipment, a blanket and heat pads – to help reduce infant mortality rates in developing countries. As for the clothes themselves, you’ll find cute onesies, tees and sleepsuits, many of which have Hong Kong-inspired motifs such as zodiac signs, pandas and prosperity cats.


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