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Five Hong Kong accessories brands

Words: Rachel Read

Search out these talented homegrown designers to keep you looking stylish

As our post about “Five Fashion Labels to Look Out For” highlighted, Hong Kong has a number of talented local designers who can inject new life into your wardrobe, and they’re not limited to clothing alone. As every self-respecting stylista knows, a great accessory can make or break an outfit, so it’s time to shine the spotlight on some of Hong Kong’s most covetable accessories brands.

We’ve rounded up five of our favourite homegrown bag and jewellery designers, and discover their inspirations and insights on running a fashion business in Hong Kong.


Eco-fashion has come a long way in the last few years – and leading the way is niin. Central Saint Martins’ graduate Jeanine Hsu was inspired to create this ethical line of jewellery and clutches after seeing first-hand the amount of waste created by the fashion industry. Working with small artisanal businesses across Southeast Asia, Hsu’s pieces showcase the best of nature’s treasures, including lapis lazuli, mother of pearl and driftwood, focusing on sustainable practices and recycled materials. “My designs are a culmination of information and inspiration that builds up over time,” describes Hsu. “It can start by looking over different materials that we have sourced, while also becoming inspired by a particular emotion or feeling.”

“As Hong Kong is such a convenient city, you can comfortably have five meetings in different locations in one day, which means you can be uber productive. People have a can-do attitude and are willing to help connect people in our small community,” Hsu enthuses. “On the downside, it’s a small market in comparison to others, which can be limiting, and the fast-pace means people are always rushing for time – so it can be rather stressful to try and keep up!”

Shop E, 200 Hollywood Road (entrance on Pound Lane), Sheung Wan, +852 2878 8811


MASE’s vibrant bags are more like portable pieces of art for your shoulder. Featuring tropical-tinged digital prints and vivid splashes of colour, these practical but personality-packed leather bags are available in clutch, shoulder, tote or mini styles to suit any occasion; the latter even features a detachable interchangeable two-tone strap, so you can mix and match colours whenever the mood takes you. “Nature and architecture tend to be what inspire me the most,” explains designer Mae Kwan, “I also get a lot of my conceptual ideas from reading about history and spirituality.”

“The fast-paced city makes it easy to create and produce, and being so close to China is also an advantage,” Kwan says. “However, one of the challenges of running an accessories business in Hong Kong is that the majority of people still favour brands from abroad instead of supporting homegrown talents – I’m hoping this attitude will change over time.”

Shop online at


Marijoli’s tagline of “unique spirited luxury” should give you some clue what this jewellery line is all about: distinctive modern designs hand-crafted from the finest materials in the world. Trained in Switzerland, founder Marielle Byworth’s collections feature the likes of 18k gold, flawless diamonds and precious stones fashioned into an array of red carpet-worthy bracelets, earrings, rings and cufflinks; she can also custom-make bespoke pieces by consultation. “After spending years on my personal spiritual development, I use several different techniques to focus on my client’s energy and help them align that to their style,” Byworth explains. “Whereas when it comes to my personal line, I try to express what I feel at that particular time. It’s very focused and from the soul; I try to connect with my subconscious.”

As for the challenges of running a business in Hong Kong, “Patience is key,” Byworth advises. “It takes time to build a brand, and success is built on many failures. But the number one piece of advice I would give is do something you love. Passion is the best driver of a business, especially when the hard times inevitably show themselves.”

Unit S412, 4/F, Block A, PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central, +852 2858 5898

Heritage ReFashioned

Heritage ReFashioned
Up-cycling doesn’t get more chic than Heritage ReFashioned’s clutches, which are all crafted from vintage Japanese kimono and Chinese kwan kwa fabrics that are no longer wearable. Designs elegantly combine traditional cultural heritage and contemporary sustainable style, and the up-cycled nature of the fabrics means quantities are limited and every piece is one-of-a-kind. “By bringing these decades-old fabrics back into our current wardrobe, I want to inspire everyone with the stories and symbolism they carry,” explains their designer Vincci Ching. “For example, the Japanese pine tree symbol ‘matsu’ is commonly seen on wedding or anniversary celebration kimonos – the reason is that pine trees are evergreen so they symbolise longevity. They also represent fidelity; pine needles tend to fall to the ground in pairs, so they symbolise a married couple that stays together no matter what happens!”

“We are a small ‘Made in Hong Kong’ brand and a major benefit is that I am able to manage my time while running it,” Ching continues, “As the mother of a five-year-old, being able to spend an afternoon with my daughter at the park or baking cookies is priceless. However, one of the major challenges for the brand is to speak to a sophisticated group of consumers who see world-class craftsmanship and design daily – with Heritage ReFashioned, I hope to present a sustainable eco-friendly alternative that is just as beautiful and well-made.”

Available at HKTDC Design Gallery, G/F, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, 1 Harbour Road, Wan Chai, +852 2584 4146; see other stockists here


If you want to add a touch of whimsy to your everyday look, FABcessories is the brand for you. Made from Perspex, acrylic and an occasional scattering of Swarovski crystals, this colourful jewellery line designed by Liyan Tai is stuffed full of quirky statement pieces – including flamboyant mermaid necklaces, dangling flamingo earrings and eye-catching Breakfast at Tiffany’s brooches – with each item intricately laser-cut and assembled by hand.

Tai finds inspiration everywhere; as an animal lover, she even created a line of dog and cat-themed jewellery to raise money for the HK Saving Cat and Dog Association. “It has been very challenging starting a brand in Hong Kong, since people tend to buy products and appreciate designs from overseas more,” Tai says. “However, having a shop in PMQ has helped us reach the overseas market; they provide support and help us attend fairs outside Hong Kong too.”

Shop H404, 4/F, Block B, PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central, +852 2155 4008


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