Your insider’s guide to Hong Kong

Joe Odagiri


Words: Gladis Young

Before deciding to take on a movie, I would consider the producer, the director and the cast. But the most important thing is whether the role must be played by me?

I took this movie (The White Girl) not only because of the two directors Christopher Doyle and Jenny Sun, but also the story. It is about the last fishing village in Hong Kong and it has a deep impact – exploring culture, the environment and conservation – these are also world issues that I am very concerned about. Another reason the movie is attractive is that I have the chance to live in Hong Kong for a month.

Acting is not an irresistible thing to me. I continue acting because I see its possibilities. I will do so until I encounter a movie that wows me so much that I might be completely satisfied and I can retire. But until then, I will continue to act. If I were fortunate enough to participate in such an amazing movie, it could be my greatest achievement.

I should not be the one to talk about my personal style. It’s about how other people look at me. I go for a natural approach that I am comfortable with. I do not follow anyone. Last year, I found some old tee shirts and I redesigned them by making some alternations – it was fun.

My regular wardrobe does not feature many famous designers. Instead, I prefer to find some up-and-coming young designers who have cool pieces, and I like to wear those pieces so that other people can discover them too. I do not really have any specific shops that I favour, either. I like visiting markets in different cities. The last time I was in Hong Kong, I went to some local markets to experience the authentic Hong Kong culture.

No matter where I go I like wandering around in the street because it is my private time and I like to watch different aspects of people’s live. Generally speaking, I do not socialise with celebrities – I would rather hang out in local, casual places.

Hong Kong is a charming city. It has Asian flair and at the same time, there is still a colonial, European touch.


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