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Life Partners

The Landmark Mandarin Oriental works with people who share our ethics. We have set up the Living Well Partnership to help the disadvantaged in Hong Kong

Words: Kee Foong
Photos: Nic Gaunt

Jo Soo-Tang

Chairman, Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation, Stubbs Road
The Living Well Partnership promotes sustainable living and raises funds for Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation’s (HKAHF) Healthy Lifestyle Fund, which works with local charity partners J Life Foundation and Chicken Soup Foundation to provide wellness programmes for those in need. Services include the preparation and distribution of vegetarian meal boxes for the poor, healthy lunches for underprivileged schools and every-day essentials for families struggling to make ends meet.

My children, growing up in a more competitive environment, make me want to make the world a better place. We have cut down paper tissue use in our household by over 80 percent, which isn’t easy as I have three young children. My household stopped using ziplock bags and earlier this year we purchased a dozen, reusable silicone bags. They are called Stashers and are the best inventions! Little efforts go a long way, so it’s important to incorporate some sustainable elements in your daily life.

Michelle Hong

Co-Founder, Rooftop Republic Urban Farming
Rooftop Republic is about reconnecting people with our food and our communities through urban farming. We believe that understanding how food comes from seed to our plate, and being connected to the people who grow your food, is the starting point of making a positive change towards our planet, our health and our communities. Building these urban farms and gardens is also changing the landscape for the city and its people, injecting life and vibrancy into underutilised urban spaces. We design, build and manage urban farms for companies and individuals alike, and have been able to establish 45 urban farm projects in the three-plus years we’ve been in operation. We are excited to be creating a rooftop garden for The Landmark Mandarin Oriental, growing herbs and edible flowers.

Kate Crofton-Atkins

Founder, Cochine
I started Cochine just after moving to Saigon from London nearly 10 years ago. I discovered the incredible scent of champa jasmine, a flower indigenous to southern Vietnam, and set about capturing Saigon’s unique charm in a fragrance. This scent became the inspiration for Cochine’s first fragrance. All our candles are made with botanical wax from certified sustainable sources and we use recycled card in all our packaging. Our new range we have developed for hotels is something I’m really proud of, it is the result of two years of product development and the formulations are amazing. The products are all paraben-free and sulphate-free, we use a unique BDA compound to enhance biodegradability of the packaging and they smell wonderful, too. We use our Water Hyacinth and Lime Blossom fragrance which is a lovely invigorating scent for men and women.

Peter Ulrich

Managing Director, Nordaq Fresh Asia
We partnered with The Landmark Mandarin Oriental to eliminate single-use plastic water bottles in the hotel. There are many aspects of the project that are great, including the fact that we have prevented more than 200,000 single-use plastic bottles a year going to landfill from just one hotel alone. The ripple effect is great, as more and more hotels are following suit. Most important, I think, is that we are able to change people’s perception that luxury is no longer about having six plastic bottles of water from Europe in your room. Shipping water across the planet is absolute madness. The amount of wasted resources and energy that goes into this operation is staggering. Using Nordaq filter technology, our customers can use regular tap water and produce a water of higher quality than anything found in a bottle.

Jeanine Hsu

Designer & Founder, niin
Niin handcrafts nature’s treasures to create original jewellery and accessories, with sustainable and ethical practices at our core. Treading lightly on the earth is our ethos, so we up cycle materials where possible. The word “niin” (other than being Jeanine’s nickname) means a positive and affirmative word in Finnish and Jeanine wants to spread positivity through her designs. The Hope Bracelet is a classic niin style keepsake to support HKAHF’s Healthy Lifestyle Fund and sold at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental. At niin, we feel that each of us can do our part to create a more sustainable future. We leave this world to the coming generations, and Jeanine’s son Kai is her reminder to continue this vision to make the world more green.

Hotel guests can participate in the Living Well Partnership by choosing to add one percent to their hotel bill, or purchase a niin Hope Bracelet for themselves or as a gift for a loved from the HKAHF website (, The Oriental Spa or niin. All proceeds go to the Healthy Lifestyle Fund.


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