Your insider’s guide to Hong Kong

On The Road

Interior designer Joyce Wang talks about her love of Norway, an undergarment bag and the importance of a supportive family.

Joyce Wang

The place I love most that I’ve visited in the past year is Norway. The restoration of heritage architecture and the way it’s presented for people to experience is very pure and poetic. In contrast, the creation of intimate interventions in the natural landscape by young Nordic design firms made for an inspiring road trip cross country last April.

I was really impressed with my meal at Supernormal, on Flinders Lane in Melbourne. With fusion cuisine, you often worry if it will be better than its non-fusion counterpart, but Supernormal was much more than the sum of its parts.

A great shopping find is the Muji packing utility bags that have separate inserts for various types of undergarments. It’s breathable, weighs nothing and hangs off a hook when you’re in a hotel.

When staying in a hotel I look for starchy linens and a bouncy bath robe – anything that may touch my skin during the stay needs to be impeccable.

My travel packing essentials include sunglasses, sunscreen and recent videos of the little ones for the plane ride.

I maintain a fitness routine when I travel. If a destination is within a 30-minute walk, I always walk. I do three sets of workouts during the week including running, yoga and swimming, depending where in the world I am and what facilities a hotel offers.

When it comes to balancing work, travel and family, simply getting quality sleep and keeping my phone charged are challenging enough when you have a business in different cities as well as a family – the rest comes naturally. The most important is to have a supportive family and a passionate team.

In Hong Kong, I am proud of our different modes of transport – airlines, trams, ferries, buses and trains. They’re affordable, efficient, easy and fun to experience.


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