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The Right Moves

Andrew Cox from Joint Dynamics talks about the new Intelligent Movement personal training programme at The Oriental Spa.

Photo: Nic Gaunt

Andrew Cox

What do you offer at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental fitness centre?
Bespoke personal training, movement training and small group movement classes.

What is it that you do differently?
We tailor the sessions to individual or group needs. The level of the sessions targets the client’s capacity, or slightly above. But there is a trust in the process that, with practice, the goal set by our Joint Dynamics movement coach will be achieved. Then, a new goal is set.
The sessions are not only physically and mentally challenging, but also fun. The results are strong bodies that clients are happy with.

Can you provide examples?
A session combines gymnastics, martial arts, athletic training and traditional lifting. There are different kinds of lunges, squats, push-ups, cable resistance exercises and free-weight exercises. Games test if the training is effective and engage the client 100 percent.

If I exercise, can I eat and drink whatever I want?
Ideally not, because health is cumulative. Exercise has tremendous benefits but it needs to be combined with nutrition and adequate recovery.
Of course, we want our bodies to be resilient enough to handle the occasional treat or a fun night out. But to reach our potential, there really is no magic bullet … just consistency.
Health, vitality and performance are won by those who exercise regularly, eat well and get enough sleep to do it all again the next day.

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