Your insider’s guide to Hong Kong

Vincci Ching

Founder of heritage refashioned accessories made from vintage Japanese kimonos and Chinese kwan kwa

Words: Rachel Read
Photo: Nic Gaunt

I see vintage fabrics as visual storybooks filled with blessings; I want to bring these stories back into our modern wardrobe. When I was younger, my family owned a small embroidery factory in Shek Kip Mei. I saw first-hand the pre-consumer waste generated from the cutting table and production line; seeing the potential of what could be done kickstarted the idea of Heritage ReFashioned.

The most difficult part was having the courage to cut into my first vintage obi sashes – to this day, my heart still races when I cut into an end-of-rental kwan kwa. By upcycling, I’m basically destroying a garment before turning it into something else. Like a jeweller, I treat my fabric as precious gemstones; larger pieces are turned into clutch bags, while smaller pieces are turned into coin purses, brooch pins and cufflinks – trying to achieve a near zero-waste process.

Humidity is our biggest enemy in Hong Kong – I’d recommend storing vintage textiles in a dust bag in a cool, dry, well-ventilated location. Perfume and chemical cleaners may cause discoloration to silks, so spot clean stains and dust with a soft bristle brush when necessary.


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