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Words: Johannes Pong
Photo: Nic Gaunt


Malaysian singer-songwriter Yuna is far from your typical Hollywood pop star – a devout Muslim who sports an effortlessly chic but chaste wardrobe covering her from head to toe. All the more remarkable, then, that she finds herself in the mainstream, with a critically acclaimed album “Chapters” and a hit single “Crush” – a smooth neo-soul duet with Usher.

For Yuna, turtlenecks are a constant, impeccably styled with structured coats or a casual denim jacket with a hint of street, all topped off with her statement headscarves wrapped in a tight turban. It’s a look that has propelled her to instant fashionista status.

“I don’t see myself as a fashion icon,” she says. “It’s actually been 10 years since my debut as an artist, and I’ve gone through a lot of phases, from indie rock girl to loud clothes.”

Indeed, it’s a far cry from the short skirts and crop tops she wore in the past. Today, her personal style – colourful and sharp – reflects her Islamic faith as well as her desire to be, according to her Instagram profile, “a different kind of modern woman”. It’s also proof that talent doesn’t always have to be dressed up with blatant sexuality to rise to the top in the music and fashion business.

Yuna has set a cool sneaker or stiletto-clad foot into the fashion world as well, running her own clothing store November Culture in Malaysia, which also sells online. The singer started the brand for the fans who were asking her where she got her jackets and headscarves. She buys certain pieces, and also designs some of her signature scarves.

“At first I was just doing it all by myself, but since I’m trying to focus on my music, I now collaborate with other designers,” she says. Like one of Malaysia’s most talented fashion designers, Hatta Dolmat, for instance. Their new Hatta x Yuna “Nuova Flora” line features a playful collection of flowing maxi skirts, light chiffon robes and bomber jackets with bold floral prints in vibrant tropical hues.

Click here for a YouTube clip of Yuna in concert at MO Bar Unplugged last November


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